Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Basic fact practice tests

If you would like to, here are some basic fact practice tests for your child to practise at home. Simply print off the level your child is on and off you go!

Each level has a specified time for the child to complete in. As we are asking the students to know them as a basic fact, recall needs to be relatively quick.

Click here for the link.

Holiday Writing

Check out some of our first writing pieces up on the wall!
The students were to follow the structure of "Remember when" written by Marci Ridlon and fill in their own experiences of the summer holidays.
Sounds like we all had lots of fun soaking in some sun at the beach!

School Values

Room 5 has started the year with a focus on our school values. Specifically, what they look like, sound like and feel like. We have been establishing and practising these 3 core values whilst learning our new classroom routines.

Here is what we came up with:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Room 5 Class Learning

Welcome to the Room 5 class learning page! You will find your child's learning and WOW moments posted here throughout the year.

Welcome to our Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Photo Gallery page! You will find photos dropped here throughout the year.

About Home Learning

Year 3 and 4 Basic Facts Program

We believe it is important to link learning between home and school. Here is some information about how we run the basic facts program and how you can help.

The students will be tested on their basic facts knowledge each term. The test that they take, breaks down all of the different areas of basic facts that the students will need to know. The students then look closely at their tests and find the areas that hey have had trouble with, and these areas become the basic facts that they will work on for home learning.

With your help, the students will then learn, practise and maintain the area they are working on (e.g. addition to 5). They can do this in many different ways - depending on how they learn best. If they feel they have mastered it, they can choose to be tested on a Friday morning during homework time. If they successfully master the area that they have been working on, I will sign it off and then they will move onto the next stage. If they are not tested with me, they will not move onto a different stage. This is to help me keep track of what they are working on, and to ensure they have mastered each area before they move on. At times, students may need to have a break from an area and go back to it.

If the students do not feel like they have had enough time over the week to master their basic facts then they do not have to be tested. Everybody learns differently.

This process will help the students to set their own learning goals and manage their own learning.

Please do not hesitate to come and ask questions if you have any.